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July with Spirit of America


So many programs are on the water this month.


Lake County

Lorain County

Ashtabula County


Paris Landing State Park

Harrison Bay State Park

Tims Ford State Park

Panther Creek State Park

Big Ridge State Park 

YMCA Joe C. Davos Nashville TN

Shake A Leg Miami Summer Camp

St. Marys Maryland

Beaufort, South Carolina

Stand and be Recognized!


  • To our Staff and Volunteer InstructorTHANK YOU!Spirit of America could not function at the high level we have come to recognize and expect without the community support in every location. Join us for some profoundly unique experiences on the water with tomorrows leaders. 


News from Youth Boating May 1, 2018


We are proud to announce that the Spirit of America curriculum has been verified to include ALL of the Natonal On Water Skills-based Education standards in all three disciplines of Sail, Human Power and Power,  We are one of the few, if not the only organization to provide all knowledge based standards of education, equipment awareness and drowning prevention, and on water skills based education standards. 

For more information about the standards for on water education curriculum visit:   

Blog June 2018: Teaching the Way Our Children Learn


Spirit of America was conceptualized 24 years ago in an effort to bring hands on education to our American youth.  Long before STEM education was heard of, the Spirit of America Foundation knew that we could help young people grow to know the importance of education by showing them how to have fun while learning. 

Our students learn by doing. 

Our students teach us how to teach. 

We will continue our mission: 

'Teaching the Way 

Our Children Learn"

Blog July 2018: Saving Our Environments


Having young people on the water in so many different eco systems across America and off the mainland in Hawaii provides a very unique educational opportunity. From manatees and dolphins in Miami, sharks in Beaufort, SC, jelly fish populations in Maryland, fresh water concerns for fishing on inland lakes in Virgina and Tennessee, and algae blooms in the Great Lakes, our children and their instructors have the opportunity to bring to light issues related to protecting and saving our greatest natural resources. 

Blog August 2018: Compasses and Companionways


The Spirit of America proudly announces our Compasses and Companionways program. 

Operating at any time of year, included in the traditional or as a stand-alone program, in locations hosting the Spirit of America curriculum, students facing physical and or learning challenges may participate in our standardized nontraditional hands-on curriculum which permits all students to grow, becoming emotionally and physically confident, competent and independent. Students will receive a ‘Certificate of Successful Completion’ after each component has been completed and a certificate of graduation at the end of full program completion.

 ‘No Child Left at the Dock’©

News Updates and Blogs

Winter and Planning Educational Futures


 We know that our young graduates are spending their winter months back in the traditional classroom and this means planning for their futures.  

Our tag line, 'Future Boaters, Future Business' implies all that an education with the Spirit of America programs can mean.

We know  that their time with the mentors and instructional staff has provided first hand potential career choices unlike any other extracurricular activity.  We are aware of the choices our young graduates have made over the past 24 years and the direction they chose due in part to their time on the water experiencing so many opportunities. 

Our graduates are enjoying careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; Naval Architecture, Marine Manufacturing and industry related work, Aeronautical, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Bio Engineering, Federal, State and Local Military and Law Enforcement, Fire, Dive, Rescue (Search and Rescue and Life Guarding), Education, Naval and Biological Science Programs, Meteorological studies, Physical and Recreational Therapy, Sail Making and Architectural Rigging, Parks and recreational communty programs. These are just a few of the opportunities our young graduates have taken advantage of. 

Imagine a lifetime of passion as your career choice on or near the water and in the out of doors.  We are especially proud to say that most of these career choices include service to others! 

Our tag line, 'Future Boaters, Future Business' implies all that an education with the Spirit of America programs can mean. Hands on education works! 

News Updates and Blogs

Winter Boat Shows


We are spending our winter months promoting recreational boating education in many communities around the country. We have been back to back with the NMMA Progressive Boat Shows in Tennessee, Cleveland, Louisville and Florida.  

It was an honor to be recognized for the potential to bring families to the water through education. Our thanks to NMMA for their vision and understanding that bringing youth to the water does indeed mean 'Future Boaters, Future Business'! 

Visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instrgram accounts for updates and to see all of the fun.  See you at the boat show! 

Young Lives Touched By Fun Educational Activities


Our young boat show attendees are enjoying hands on fun activities and they are changing their lives for the better! 

Thanks to our staff for traveling around the country to so many different locations for indoor boat shows.  They have spend countless hours presenting fun hands on activities in boating safety for all ages. 

Activities include; proper life jacket wear, man overboard, safe entry and exit to canoes and kayaks, radio communications, reach, throw, row and go, knot tying, cold water immersion prevention, and even some  fun with rain gutter sailboat racing. 

We hope you are all spending your time gaining education adn great ideas for the upcoming season of fun on, in and near the water! 

Press Releases by Date

The Spirit of America National Youth Boating Hall of Fame Announces First Inductees


    The Spirit of America National Youth Boating Hall of Fame has inducted four individuals into the Hall of Fame. 

    The 2017 inductees are:

Dustin Majewski Ohio Class of 1995

Rosie Garam Packett Ohio 

Class of 2001

Nathaniel Cullinan Ohio Class of 20

Allison Ulrich Ohio Class of 2012

We extend our deepest gratitude to you for all you have done for others as an exceptional and extraordinary young people. We are so proud of all of your accomplishments and look forward to following you into a promising future of continued community and family service. 

As a member of this prestigious Hall of Fame you are entitled to a permanent position in the National Youth Boating Hall of Fame and you are entitled to all member benefits. 

In the 24 years of the Spirit of America Foundations existence, these are the first four to be chosen for this National honor for their truly inspiring dedication to boating and water safety education and the manner in which they have gone above and beyond to share knowledge with others at such a young age.  They provide promise for a brighter future for many young adults. They epitomize the meaning of our mission; the Spirit of America Foundation instills confidence and fosters the Spirit of teamwork in our nation’s youth, including developing self-esteem while nurturing responsible behavior and positive, lifelong ambitions. ‘We shall teach the way our children learn’ 

April 2018: Spirit of America Aligns with the National On Water Skills Based Standards


The Spirit of America Foundation announces that, in addition to meeting all of the 'Knowledge-based' standards in their curriculum that we also do aligns with and is all inclusive of all of the National On Water Skills Based Standards of Education (NOWS) recently approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) .


The SOA Curriculum is all inclusive of ALL standards in Sail, Human Powered, and Power curriculum, and exceeds the NOWS National Instructional Approach Standard. 

About The NOWS Program

Improving the safety and enjoyment of recreational boating
through the largest ever collaboration initiative 
in on-water skills-based instruction. 

Nows are for instructors who teach boating skills to beginners. 

Beginner students...

Novices or people relatively new at operating a recreational boat.

Boating skills...

Behaviors needed to safely operate a recreational boat at the entry level.


Experiential learning on the boat guided real time by instructors.

By displaying the NOWS Logo, we are indicating that we have completed a NOWS Self-Assessment of our entry-level course(s) and produced a Supplier Declaration of Conformity

National Take Our Youth Boating Week Winners


The 2018 National Take Our Youth Boating Week winning entries have been announced and awarded.

In first place for a video submission is:

In First Place for a photo submission is:

In second place for a photo submission is:

In Third Place for a photo submission is"

Fall News


Hurricanes are a big part of our locations on the east coast as well as in the Pacific. 

Our North Carolina and South Carolina location were especially hard hit this past fall.  While there was no damage to the physical locations where we host our programs our staff did face significant damage at their homes and tot heir families homes.  

Working Through Winter


We are on the water in some locations all year through.  In other locations we work on projects and offer programs to keep boating and water safety curriculum a big part of our communities during their time off the water. 

In Miami at our host location, Shake A Leg Miami, we provide the on water skills based curriculum in partnership with our SeaWorthy program and the Spirit of America Compasses and Companionways program  for children between the ages of 6 and 21. 

Summer 2019 News


Award Winning Bay Village Graduates


We are SO proud of our Bay Village, Ohio alumni who took 2nd Place in the STATE, as 9th grades in the Bay Village School system and fo the Bay Village Sea Scouts, at the ECybermission See the article for more details! Our SOA graduates are Team Resolution: Norah Hamil, Jennie Koomar, Alison Hertzell. Also graduates Phoebe Sutherland, Abigail Dent, Caitlyn Hertzell were third in STATE!  Congratulations to all!

Watch for Summer Activities in your neighborhood!


We are underway celebrating our 25th graduating class year in Ohio, and also up and running in Tennessee, and South Carolina already this May.  Over 250 graduates by ay 21, 2019 successfully completing their state boating education course. 

On to the water!   More fun to come! 

We NEED to find YOU, Class of 1995!


Graduates of our inaugural class of 1995 we want to celebrate you on July 13, 2019 in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, where it all began!  Please get in touch with us by emailing or private messaging us through FaceBaook so we can give you all of the details to join us.  Looking forward to seeing you all again and having you present the Class of 2109 their certificates.