Boating It Forward National Youth Outreach Program


Boating It Forward; A gift from our graduates

Boating It Forward - Spirited Outreach

Our Graduates are "paying it forward" creating future generations of "SAFE-SMART" Boaters Spirited Outreach; Boating it Forward, A National Youth Outreach Program.

The goal of the outreach program is to deliver basic boating and water safety instruction to Family, Friends, and Neighbors (FFN) focusing on the following program components:

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Life Jackets and Carriage Requirements

A review of the types of lifejackets to suit each on water activity, how to fit a lifejacket, proper care and condition, and mandatory wear laws.

A review of the range of legally required equipment and the ‘good to have aboard’ with an emphasis on signaling  devices, personal safety gear. More than just a listing of the gear, a focus on how to use, where to store and when to replace.

Education and Age / Vessel Restrictions

A presentation on who will need classroom boating education and the restrictions relating to vessel operation. Also providing information for on water skills based education opportunities.

Float Plans and Rules of the Road

The importance of a float plan, how to create one and the obligations of the responsible person with whom it is left.

An overview on the importance of posting a look out, safe speeds, right of way and how to react in the proximity of other vessels.

Overloading, Swamping and Capsizing

How to minimize risks by understanding maximum capacities, properly loading and the best way to move around in a boat.

Aids to Navigation & Cold Water Immersion

Understanding the national waterway navigation marker system including lateral and regulatory markers.

Ways to reduce the risk of an accidental cold water immersion, what to do if you find yourself in cold water and how to rescue someone else.