25 years and Growing

Our first 1995 class of 58 graduates in Lake County, Ohio

Hatches open in 1995

Our first graduating class of Spirit of America was in 1995 in Lake County, Ohio. 

Celebrating 25 years from Fall 2018 - July 2020

The Foundation has many special events planned for the 18 month long celebration of the Spirit of America's program history and future 

Our Future depends on you ... Endowment Opportunities

Endowing the Spirit of America Foundation will take priority during the 18 month celebration of our 25 years. In an effort to continue to grow the program in all states and territories we have established an endowment plan '2.5 in 25' to raise 2.5 million dollars to permanently sustain the Foundation and its not for profit work. 

Fall 2018

Watch for more news about a gala event hosted by the Foundation in our Mentor, Ohio area which will kick off the official celebration of our 25th year anniversary. 

Why Contribute ...

Spirit of America has successfully opened programs on the national level over the past 24 years.  There is still much to do in many more states and territories. We cannot do this alone. We need your help to physically provide the program components to new areas and to Staff the Foundation with full time staff to carry out the immense amount of work it takes to manage and maintain our programs at the high level it has maintained for 24 years in the locations we have open now. 


Is Spirit of America is a not for Profit?

    Yes, The Spirit of America Foundation Inc. is a Federal Not for Profit 501C3 tax exempt corporation.  Your contributions are likely considered as a tax deductible donation. Please check with your tax professional to be sure. 

Does Spirit of America Foundation give monetary gifts to organizations?

    Generally, no. SOAF gifts the program, equipment, training, curriculum, etc to an organization, typically also a non-profit, that allows them to successfully present the program in their community.

Is Spirit of America designated for certain youth groups? 

    No. Our program, unlike many others, is available to all youth. There are no barriers for social-economic, intellectually, emotionally, or physically challenged children. The traditional program is designed for students in their middle school years. Our curriculum is modified to fit the need of your young people physically, emotionally or intellectually challenged in our Compasses and Companionways program.