Our Youth Education Program

Our Traditional Youth Education program has been the flagship program for over 20 years.

An Education with Impact

Real World Diversity

Each program participant is exposed to sail, power, paddle, personal watercraft, and large vessel disciplines, rules and practice.  In addition, the students spend time in the classroom passing their state boating education course, a controlled environment of a pool and in natural settings to build up their confidence and competency.

Over 20 Locations Nationwide

Our Youth Education Program is offered at each of our over 20 nationwide locations.  Each location offers a different setting and modified curriculum to best serve the surrounding population, but all offer unmistakable experiences. Many of these same national locations also host our specialized programs. Our other specialized programs can be available throughout other locations as well.

Our Program Experience

Tailored to Middle School Aged Students

The Spirit of America is an innovative year round opportunity and educational experience for middle school aged students, 11-15 years of age, that combines a summer-camp atmosphere with classroom discipline. The curriculum includes National Education (Common Core) and Physical Education Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and includes STEM Components.

State Boating Certificate

Our students take part in a curriculum, which includes participating in and successfully completing their State Boating Education Course.

Real World Practice


Water Safety Proficiency

Students begin with the basics of water safety by participating in a Drowning Prevention (water safety competency) and Equipment Awareness course.  These life saving skills are a must have for every child.

Hands on Water Time

A minimum of five hours is spent in each of the disciplines; sail, paddle and power. Further, participants participate in hands on education on board a personal watercraft and gain exposure to professional opportunities during the educational activities on board a USCG or local and state law enforcement agency large vessel.