Our Special Programs

We created these additional programs not only to spread the joy of safe water based recreational activity to as many people as possible but also to nurture the individual personal growth that we’ve seen take root as a result of our programs.

The Golden Eagle Program

Differently-abled Shine

A Golden Eagle program provides a graduation certificate of successful completion for the Spirit of America curriculum components in full but on a scale to which the caregiver, of a person with intellectual or physical challenges makes them differently-abled, decides is appropriate.

Locations Nationwide

The program can be used in areas where the traditional Spirit of America program already exists, in areas requesting the traditional program be developed, or as a stand alone program.

The Passport Program

Spirit Where You Are

Designed to provide the entire curriculum of the traditional Spirit of America program to young people living in areas of the country, or the world, where the traditional program is not yet available, Passport participants can be between the ages of 11-17 and will be considered Spirit of America graduates upon successful completion of the program.

A Vacation of Learning

Destination: Spirit of America.  The required components may be completed in areas of the country offering individual or partial portions of the curriculum disciplines approved by Spirit of America. As participants travel to different areas, for family trips or vacation, they can complete the courses and check off their list of requirements toward graduation. The Passport will be available on line or in your local marine dealer retail locations. Spirit of America is developing destination vacations with major hoteliers to provide a “something for everyone” in the family at their water based locations.

The Safe Harbors Program

Targeting a Reduction in Drownings

At the core of our traditional curriculum are the life saving skills needed to reduce the number of incidental drownings in America. This program targets those critical swimming / water safety skills that demonstrate “water competency” and significantly reduce the likelihood of drowning in all communities.

From Toddler to Teen

This program brings much needed life saving skills to urban and rural areas and at risk demographics.  It includes all children, from toddler to teen, and their families.

The Mentorship Program

Personal Development

Safe Boating Education is only a part of the focus of Spirit of America Programs. The Program also provides an opportunity for the graduates to see themselves in a new light resulting in confident, mature, young adult leaders.

From Students to Leaders

We are committed to affording our program graduates the opportunity to continue on as leaders in their communities. We provide these young people with the support they need to go back to their communities and “teach” safer skills for all boating and water based recreational activities.  We also strongly encourage graduates of the traditional program to return as Jr. Volunteers, Instructors, and eventually Coordinators.

Career Opportunities

Through the many STEM components introduced in the traditional Spirit of America program, students quickly develop a level of interest with longevity for many career opportunities for their futures.

Moms in the Marina Program

Confident Caregivers

Moms and all women who may find themselves responsible for young persons participate in an accelerated program of the traditional curriculum to build their skills and confidence.  The program focuses on developing the competence of the participants and also on their ability to keep their children safe.

The Missing Piece

More young people will be introduced to programs, like Spirit of America, by their guardians and caregivers if their caregivers feel more confident on and in the water.  Further, we believe these graduates will be advocates in their own communities and  bring more community boating programs to life.