Our Performance Objectives

Our 20 Student Performance Objectives are founded on the points below.

  • Participants are typically middle school students (ages 11 to 15) including boys and girls expressing a sincere commitment to attend ALL classes.
  • This age group’s attention capability with interesting hand on activities achieves lifelong memorable experiences and a motivational force.
  • The program is designed to encourage the student to learn by doing.
  • The entire program provides hands-on experiences in which proper choices must be made.
  • The diverse curriculum and disciplines introduce a sense of teamwork in a new environment. With knowledge and training, activities on the water become an enjoyable experience.
  • Progression of steps of the program include the students passing their state boating education course, a drowning prevention and equipment awareness program, on water disciplines in sail, paddle, power, personal watercraft and a large vessel educational experience.
  • The program is designed to give all students better understanding of their local environment.
  • Weather forecasting is a vital example of importance in planning your on water-based activity.
  • Students become captains of their own vessels which sparks a feeling of independence and self-esteem and emphasizes the importance of behavior which befits the position.
  • Just as the student achieves proficiency and orderly care of the mind and body, through exercises, the same is true for achieving proficiency in sail, paddle and power.
  • Graduation provides a platform for the student to gain recognition in front of families, friends, teachers, volunteers and fellow classmates. Graduation will also honor coordinators, volunteers, educators and program benefactors.
  • As a most significant note: Students of the Spirit of America programs are the new and future safer, more confident generation of boaters.

More than 10,000 Graduates

More than 61,000 Hours on the Water in 2014

More than 50,000 Individuals Have Been Affected