Our National Programs

Spirit of America programs are hosted locally throughout the country, yet they have all earned the reputation as America’s Premier Boating Education Programs.  Find out how our winning formula is improving water based recreation by connecting with future generations of boaters.

What Our National Programs Provide

Safe Water Based Recreational Education

We are in the business of providing a SAFE and educational introduction to our Country’s young people, their families and their communities, to all types of water based recreational activities in one of the most diverse “hands-on” Classrooms in America.

Educational Standards

Our young people take part in a curriculum, which is directly tied to local, state, and national education (Common Core) Standards, next generation Science and Physical Education Standards, which include STEM components in a non-traditional classroom setting.  We provide education and direction to last a lifetime for all young persons.

Education for All

We provide education and direction to last a lifetime for all young persons including those with any intellectual or physical difference, and believe in our motto, “No Child Left on the Dock”.
Our Winning Formula

Proven Results

To date, Spirit of America Programs have graduated over 10,000 students and spends more than 61,000 hours on the water annually!

Tools for Fun, Learning and Growing

The Spirit of America program seamlessly blends the fun of safe boating with educational opportunities for young participants to mature and gain self esteem. It is a combination of experiences which continue to make the Spirit of America program successful.

Our Program Options

Youth Education Programs

Our traditional Youth Education Programs are our flagship programs that target middle school aged youths.  These programs offer a highly proven and successful combination of hands-on learning, classroom education, and fun which leaves a lasting impression on our participants.

Special Programs

In keeping with our philosophy of inclusion, we have expanded to a line up of programs that ensure no one is left at the dock.  These Special Programs share the love with even more participants of all ages, allowing our message to spread and impact additional lives in communities across our country.